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Landlord Ordered To Pay Back 3 Times Deposit

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For those that don't know - the Scottish government actually did something useful a few years back.

Landlords now have to put your deposit into an independent group to hold. Makes it much more difficult for them just to make up stuff and refuse to give you back your deposit.

This one in Edinburgh clearly felt they didn't have to live within the rules. Now having to pay back 3 times the deposit. Very pleasing.


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Not just in Scotland.

Ive recently agreed compensation of £2500 with our landlord for failing to protect.

Until April last year, whilst it was an offence to fail to protect, the LL could protect the day before a court hearing and they were let off. Now its an automatic win for the tenant.

Following our little result, Ive been asked by 5 different friends / family asking me to help them understand if they have a case. I reckon 4 of them do.

It seems that many deposits taken between 2007 - 2012 have not been protected and many canny landlords have failed to notice the change in the law, and many agents got bogged down trying to retrospectively protect a large number of deposits before May last year and made simple administrative errors.

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I didn't quite get this .. as the story does not seem to have been told well .. I'm assuming that the landlord refused to cough up the deposit ?

I'm assuming as happened the last time I moved out of a property, if the landlord meets you at the property and thanks you for being such good tenants, does the electricity and gas meters .. has a bit of a poke about then exchanges the keys for an envolope of cash containing your deposit he/she is in the clear regardless of wether it was protected or not ..

Or am I wrong?

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They have to give the deposit to a neutral 3rd party to look after whilst you are a tenant. The money is never 'theirs'.

This person clearly kept the cash in his own account. I imagine the judge decision is a warning to landlords to get with the 'programme'

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