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Value For Money

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Why is the housing market apparently immune to one of the fundamental purchasing decision factors?

I'm talking about value for Money.

Buying a house isn't an essential cost because people can rent/ live with relatives etc, so why is the value for money of buying a house so rarely discussed seriously (at least amongst the general public).

Seems like a definate bubble mentality...

So a little bit on value for money at the moment...

I read somewhere recently that the average holiday costs £800. I don't know about the rest of you but that sounds like a pretty good holiday to me! I think the average is skewed upwards by expensive cruises etc.

For the current capital cost of buying an average English house (say £168,000) you could afford to go on 8 of these pretty fine holidays every year for 25 years.

Or You could by a brand new ford focus (at £11K its the UKs average car) every year and a bit for 25 years and just throw the old one in the bin when you get the new one.

and...that's not even taking into account any interest that would be payable if you had a mortgage on said average property etc etc.

S0d the house - I'm going to live it up in a series of ford focuses!

Any one else have any good value for money comparisons?


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