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Trichet Says Ecb Ready To Raise Rates

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I think Jean-Claude Trichet would have liked to have "done a Fed" and raised rates sooner to take the sting out of inflation, but the Germans wouldn't let him. Now that things look to be improving in Germany, the ECB will start to tighten up - starting next month I would guess. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see four rate rises.

What does that mean for the Ireland market? - affectionately known as the "Carlsberg market - probably the most overvalued in the world." A heck of a lot of people are maxed-out at 3.5 - 4.0% mortgage rates right now.

The ECB only really cares about Germany and France, and their immediate neighbours after that.

The Irish housing market matters didley-squat. Most Eurocrats would have trouble have pointing to Dublin, Limerick and Cork on a map.

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So lets see now Eurozone rates heading up, US rates heading up, only one way for UK rates to go and that is up. The UK housing market/ economy has shown itself to be extraordinarily sensitive to tiny interest rate movements. I think this HPC is about to gather momentum and accelerate. The era of cheap money is coming to an end ..... the MPC have only two choices left;accept inflation and a tanking pound or raise rates and see the housing market tank and prob therefore the economy too. Te NICE era is well and truely over.

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