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Wurzel Of Highbridge

Japan Commits Suicide In The Name Of Growth

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Calls for Japan nuclear switch-off threaten ‘Abenomics’

Mr Abe’s (Liberal Democrats) restoring nuclear power is a vital part of the grand project to pull Japan out of the deflation that has dogged it for much of the past 20 years.

If reactors were to stay offline, the theory goes, companies and households across resource-poor Japan would face permanently higher prices for electricity, weighing on total demand. Domestic companies would not invest in new plants because heating and lighting them cost too much, while foreign companies would stay away for the same reason. Some of the basic underpinnings of “Abenomics” – designed to turn Japan into a more competitive, dynamic economy – would collapse.

“There’s a big risk of not having nuclear power, while the US has cheap shale gas and China has plenty of coal,” said Nobuo Tanaka, former executive director of the Paris-based International Energy Agency, and now an adviser to a pro-nuclear research group in Japan. “It is a political responsibility to convince the public that nuclear is a necessary risk we have to take. Can we do that? That is the very interesting question.”

So there we have it Japan would destroy it's self in the name of growth and competition.

Japan manufacturing is so permanently fecked, how comes their currency is worth more than the Zimbabwe dollar? The ONLY path forward for them is an IP based economy and high unemployment rates for those with a lower IQ.

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It won't make a lot of difference if the f*cked nuke plant melts down more and more and pollutes the seas plus half the North Island, they need to worry about sorting that out. If they pollute half the Pacific they can reasonably expect to be legally attacked on a massive scale as well.

In the meantime I thought they had a big project to mine methane hydrates from the sea bed?

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It's the same problem that it being encountered all over the world.

British variant - Caroline Lucas and her hippie pals' anti-fracking antics. Cheap energy and economic recovery but with unknown (though, I suspect, very small) environmental risks and industrial sites on prettty countryside, or unspoilt countryside and rising unemployment / falling cost of living?

US variant - Give agricultural land over to biofuel and enjoy cheap petrol but at the cost of having to import food, or retain food security but risk higher energy prices and the consequent cost to the economy?

French and German variant - more nuke plants and energy security, but at the cost of having to deal with the nuke waste and political fallout from Lucas-type nutjobs, or having to buy energy from Putin?

Japanese variant - risk another Fukushima for economic recovery, or don't and see Japan's industrial revolution reverse and the country go back to subsistence farming and fishing?

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Surely, Japan is sitting on a ** goldmine ** of geothermal energy?

It generates some and is going to expand capacity further.

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