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Man Inserts Fork Into His Ding A Ling And It Gets Stuck.

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Doctors have removed a 10cm long steel fork from inside a man’s *****, after a sexual adventure went horribly wrong.

The 70-year-old visited Canberra Hospital’s emergency department complaining of bleeding genitalia.

He then promptly admitted that he had inserted a piece of cutlery into his urethra in an attempt to pleasure himself.


Impressive. I really can't imagine what would be pleasurable about putting a fork up it!

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Ball point pens,

Garden wire

Safety pins,

Allen keys

That's where they bloody go is it!!

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A nurse friend of mine said she happened to come across a place holding a light bulb moment... :huh:

Yes, I know a nurse too! I tried writing a pilot script for a cable TV series called "******** Hosptial"! Basically the detective surgeon has to use psychology, to determine exactly, how the victim "fell on" an inanimate object and got it lodged somewhere! We never got the series! :huh:

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