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Lls In Need

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Dear Reader,

I am aware of the pressures facing ordinary folk in this day and age. If it isn't the job or the mortgage, there's the school fees and parent evenings and all sorts of other sh!t. But spare a thought today for the nations LLs, by which I mean Latent Luvvies.

Who Are Latent Luvvies?

Latent Luvvies spend every day, of every week, of every month, of every year selflessly toiling away in entirely unsuitable jobs. As if that weren't bad enough, when they aren't working, they are being constantly bombarded with reminders of what might have been. Whether it be going to a musical or movie, or just watching the telly, Latent Luvvies are forced to face up to the fact that their "obvious talents" are going to waste. And whilst the earnings of Latent Luvvies may well be excellent, who can put a price on job satisfaction or the frustration of seeing your old RADA mates living the dream day in day out?

Give Generously

That's why, for just one day in every year, good people up and down the country, who can empathise with the wretched plight of the Latent Luvvy, give generously to fund a special night devoted to giving Latent Luvvies a chance to show off their "obvious talent". We call that night Latent Luvvies in Need and it is happening on your TV boxes this evening.

But Isn't This Just a Sticking Plaster?

It's true that some folks have spoken about "compassion fatigue". They suggest days such as Latent Luvvies In Need change nothing and gives hope where their is none. Some go further saying your money actually encourages ordinary hard working journalists and meteorologists to entertain dangerous thoughts of a career treading the boards. We say so what! Isn't it everyone's right to dream a little? Sould everyone not be given the chance, even if it is for a day, to be all they can be? To feel the roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd, to trip the light fantastic, to reach for the stars, to give 'em that old razzle-dazzle!

Lasting Change

And while we admit most Latent Luvvies go back to the drudgery of the autocue, there have been notable exeptions. For instance, the success of previous LLIN days was directly responsible for the Strictly Come Dancing foundation, a charitable Trust specialising in placing LLs in dancing roles on prime time television. If you are unfamilar with the trusts work, just take a look at the pictures below.



Bill as sports journalist on location. Look at those sad eyes. Tragic.



Now that's more like it!

Just take a look at that smile. Can you put a price on that kind of happiness? You know it makes sense dear reader: give generously and give now.

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