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Prostitute Gets Screwed By Property Market

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"Ironically it would have been a lot more had it not been for the property market.

Detective Constable Lawrie Day, who investigated her fortune, said: "The brothel which we seized lost £500,000 in value between us seizing it and finally selling it, partly because she had a retrial." "

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This is plainly more inaccurate reporting from the BBC, they make me so angry.

Everyone knows that House prices DON'T FALL.......

Prices are going through the roof in London, they always have and always will do.

House prices will never fall.

This must be a mistake.

We must all write to the BBC and complain.

Think of all those people with huge debts around their necks and BTL property portfolios whose values will plummet as a result. They may have to sell their BMW's, properties in Spain or god forbid get of their big fat lazy asses and work for a living. :lol:

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Some reports out about average housing estates today...

Radio this morning talking to two people who liuve 6 doors away on a housing estate in Concert (and have never met - or at least only nodded to each other)- and the woman was saying that if the estate had more green space it'd mena the developers would have to put less houses on and so it'd be more expensive and its hard enough for first time buyers anyway.

On bbc news they had Richard who wrote the report saying how nice this place in york was - cos there was a nice fountain and benches where kids could play away from cars. They'd certainly not be able to play in the pokey front yards of the houses)

He also said these new estates are storing up problems for themselves because they're poorly laid out, insecure becvause no one overlooks property etc.

And hey whatdoyou know... isn't that what everyone said about the estates they put up in the 60s.

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