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Hello everyone

I've been reading this site off and on for years but have decided to join now as I find myself back in Mumbles, close to where I was born, searching for a little house to rent until I am ready to buy again. I've found many of the posts regarding the property market in Wales absolutely fascinating and I am extremely grateful to those who take the time to research and share.

In the last thirteen years I have bought and sold seven houses, having done up most of them and sold at a profit. I sold my last house in Cardiff at a loss but it was worth every penny to get away from a streetfull of gossipy neighbours.

I started investing some of my future house money in the AIM market in February 2009, at the bottom of what was to become a two-year boom for mining shares, so I now alternate between renting and investing, or buying and doing up. I sold my house in April 2012 and six months later I started investing again. The Fed had announced QE3 so I decided that it would be a good time to get back into gold and silver miners, my favourite category. In April of this year I bought a book on Technical Analysis called 'How to Profit from Bull and Bear Markets'. Every morning now I wake up and wish I had read the book before reinvesting, but then I suppose that is how you learn, isn't it, by making mistakes! One of my favourite expressions is 'Never confuse brains with a bull market'.

I often feel that finances are like the tide - they come flowing in and they go flowing out, so here I am sitting by the sea shore, appropriately enough, waiting for the tide to turn again.

I look forward to discussing everything from how to live with an avocado bathroom to the gold forward offered rate.

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