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Quarterly Inspection

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Hi folks, not looking for advice but putting my experience down as it happens should it come in handy for someone else. It's not a major issue to be honest. Although if you want to leave feedback feel free.

The Contract did state allow with or without workmen reasonable access at reasonable hours; but nothing was mentioned of Quarterly inspections. I wouldn't mind them - if we'd have been told about them up front.

Anyway I received a letter yesterday and went back with this. (If anyone asks why i've put 2 weeks; work means we very rarely are able to escape during office hours and notice period allows one of us to plan accordingly)

We have just received your letter and would like to state that 16th August at 1pm is not a convenient time; in general weekday visits for either of us at such short notice isn't ideal due to work commitments, we were actually lucky to catch this mail as both of us have been vacant from the flat over the last month and the post box isn't checked on a regular basis; our preference is generally evening and weekends for such visits at short notice and in general. Alternatively we'd require at least 2 weeks’ notice for weekday visits to schedule our work accordingly.

Additionally I would to like to state my disappointment that a quarterly inspection wasn't specified in the contract or mentioned during any of our conversations; I trust if all is in order and as we have an 18 month contract subsequent visits are dialled down to half yearly or even yearly as I've experienced in the past.

I also would like to question what this inspection is being compared against as on moving in there was no inspection or inventory check (or list) which we feel as tenants there should have been.

Additionally the window still hasn't been fixed in xxx's bedroom window which has been like this since moving in which I don't feel is acceptable for a premium property despite numerous emails/phone calls to yourselves and xxxx; we did have Maxxxxe (xxxx's caretaker/odd jobs man) visit on Thursday the 8th August to view the window and state he'd be back soon to fix it; following this we've had no further contact.

Taking this into account and previous problems highlighted on moving into the flat in previous correspondence I therefore question why an inspection is even necessary when problems originally highlighted in regards to the 'state of repair' for the flat haven't been addressed.

Finally unless myself or xxx are present no entry is permitted in the flat.

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I would assume they have turned up at the time they have stated in their letter - I don't expect any acknowledgement from your email/letter unless its to say they received it too late, they just are looking for work to do for which they can charge the landlord and an 'inspection' is just something to charge for under the guise of 'management'.

Its 1.22 now, they've done it already, thats another 50 quid off the landlord and who gives a stuff about the tenant. Your requested work will never be done.

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Surprisingly after setting up a monitor they haven't been around and they apologised regarding the window.

A viewing is being arranged at a suitable time soon.

Obviously got a good egg (to a degree)

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