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Argentina Goes For Erection Growth

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The Argentinean government has started giving out its own version of Viagra to men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The country's Ministry of Health said 200,000 doses of its state-produced drug sildenafil will be given out free of charge throughout the province of Santa Fe, AFP reports.

Argentina took the decision to provide its erection-boosting drug to curb its misuse and to help those who suffer from other diseases it helps treat.

The drug is being produced by Lifse, the state-owned pharmaceutical company, and the government plans to make the drug available free of charge to the entire country eventually.



This is playing out in textbook fashion. The worse the economy gets, the more desperate the government becomes... and the more they try to control everything.

The only thing left, it seems, is the reproductive behavior of Argentine citizens.

And so, starting last week, the government began issuing hundreds of thousands of doses of the wildly popular drug.

This can’t possibly work out well. Given how soundly governments everywhere tend to botch things up, I shudder to think at the alien side effects that will result from this.

The whole thing reminds me of Stalin’s approach to economic management.

In Soviet Russia, Stalin was notorious for vanquishing large swaths of the population in an effort to ‘improve’ standard of living.

Standard of living is defined by economists as National Income divided by population. Stalin couldn’t increase national income... so his approach was to simply decrease the population.

Cristina is facing a related challenge in Argentina. National income is low. Productivity is low. So for Cristina, the only way she can move the economic needle higher is to grow the population.

It’s the ultimate reminder of how absurd government control can be when things get really desperate.

They reach a certain point where, after capital controls, gun controls, wage and price controls, etc., the only controls left to implement are people controls.

We can't get economic growth so we'll have erection growth instead!

Is there are huge erectile dysfunction situation in the Argentina?

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A lot of elites have estates in Argentina. Sure they have lots of stupid rules, but it seems no one pays attention to them. The elites probably give the cops a little bribe and enjoy total freedom. Probably a lot more freedom there than here, where the police slavishly do whatever the nutcases in westminster tell them to.

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Is there are huge erectile dysfunction situation in the Argentina?

No, it's not huge - but they're going to try again in the morning

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