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The Fear

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Denninger - refusing to be afraid:

Fear of the inevitable is irrational and pointless. But fear is a powerful weapon used by those who understand it to control your actions and obtain from you consent you would otherwise not provide. It is, in fact, exactly the same sort of coercive process that takes place when you are strapped down and waterboarded or your fingernails are pulled off with a pair of pliers.


Allen - weapon of mass consumption:

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Don't forget the biggest disseminator of fear: the news industry. People often forget it is just that - an industry. No "news" & a lot of people are out of a job.

We are always more interested in bad news for obvious evolutionary reasons, so bad news sells more copy. The unfortunate result is we are saturated in it, which completely skews our risk assessment.

It's a wonder most of us aren't barricaded at home, quivering in a corner. Though perhaps quite a few are, mentally speaking.

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A comment on that (or another of denningers recent posts) seemed very true.

The religionists promise to look after you in the next life, the government in this one.

The unfortunate truth is most people are lazy and will submit to complete bondage so they dont have to think for themselves. Even if Denninger is right about US healthcare, most people prefer socialized healthcare purely because they dont have to go to the hassle of sorting it out themselves. They just call their GP, and thats it. Searching out quality and value would require initiative on their part. For most people this is asking too much. For most people negotiating a good deal on a house is too much. They'd rather beg their lender for a bigger loan.

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Another industry that benefits from the fear factor is the insurance industry.......fear your house might burn down, fear your stuff will be stolen, fear you might die too early, fear you might get sick, fear your dog might get run over, fear you might have an accident and cannot work....being fearful affects your pocket, it's expensive when it may never happen, there is a high chance that it won't happen we can all help ourselves by reducing that risk by our own free actions and behaviours, and if it does you get over it. ;)

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