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Governement - What Are They Doing To Help?

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I've been thinking, with the US raising rates to control their bubble and Australia prices coming down, has our government acknowleged there is a problem in the UK and what have they done to help FTBers?

As far as I can see, they have done diddly sh**!

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they have managed to convince the selfish OOs that their new wealth is worth the cost.

perhaps other populations are not as cannabalistic.

No they have managed to convince selfish simplistic OOs that they actually have wealth that is fairly spectoral unless realised and even more so if MEWed against. In the meantime, inflation has cut the value of wages and credit cards have replaced "one out, all out". Other populations are just as cannabalistic, they just have treasurers who don't manage the illusion so effectively for so long.

What are the drivers of the illusion of perpetual growth?

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