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Gibraltar-Spain Border Issues

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Looks like this was triggered by Gibraltar trying to create a need reef on the marine border, probably to try and gain some sort of legal rights.

Here's the thing though, this border is quite unusual in that it is in Europe but not in Schengen so Spain has every right to inspect paper work.

There are always queues here but usually only 30-to-90mins and not 6 hours.

When you cross from Hungary to Romania you do get a similar thing but not every descends on that border at once at the end of a working day.

I don't think there's anything the UK can do here.

Incidentally, Gibraltar's economy is reliant on being a tax haven. Gambling companies love it but the UK is now expected to bring in a consumption tax of 15% on betting effectively being an off-shoring tax so it's not true that the UK can't do anything about it but they are singling out the gambling companies.

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