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Hoogstraten Is Zimbabwes' Biggest Landowner

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Apologies for the Daily Heil link.

Yet, curiously, one British man is flourishing under Mugabe’s murderous regime. While his fellow white farmers have been murdered in their hundreds, and their land given to the despot’s cronies, this slight grey-haired individual has become Zimbabwe’s biggest landowner.

As well as owning a staggering 1,600 square miles of prime land in the heart of the country (Cornwall is only 1,400 square miles), the British exile also owns two sprawling homes replete with tennis courts, swimming pools and garish chrome architecture, with grounds patrolled by Mugabe’s secret police.

So who is this intimate friend of the ageing despot? Step forward Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, the self-confessed ‘amoral businessman’ who made his fortune as a slum landlord in Britain but is better known for being the brains behind the gruesome gangland slaying of a business rival, who was stabbed five times before being shot in the head.

Once described by a judge as a ‘self-imagined devil who thinks he is an emissary of Beelzebub’,.........

..........After reports this week that Mugabe is, predictably, planning to rig the forthcoming elections, Hoogstraten was named as having donated $3 million to Mugabe,

Hoogstraten has been taken to court over a share deal in Zimbabawe


PROPERTY tycoon Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, has been taken to the High Court by a Harare man seeking to recover his shares allegedly seized by the former after a botched asset swap deal.

On a seperate note, according to Wikipedia, Hoogstratens alleged associate has got his comeuppance (14 yrs fraud sentence)

Giovanni Di Stefano (fraudster)


Giovanni Di Stefano (born 1 July 1955) is a British-Italian businessman and convicted fraudster. He has been involved in legal cases for high-profile notorious defendants worldwide; he has no legal qualifications and is not registered to work as an advocate in the UK or Italy.[1] He has been referred to as "The Devil's Advocate" for his advocacy on behalf of clients such as Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milošević.[2][3] He was also a business associate of the Serbian paramilitary leader and indicted war criminal Arkan.[3][4]

He has been convicted four times in Ireland and the United Kingdom of fraud and related criminal offences, serving a total of eight and a half years for convictions between 1975 and the late 1980s. He was described by a judge as "one of life's great swindlers".[5] His most recent conviction, in March 2013, saw him being sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment after being found guilty or pleading guilty to 27 charges including deception, fraud and money laundering between 2001 and 2011 related to "tricking people into thinking he was a bona fide legal professional"



A jury of eight women and four men took four hours and 10 minutes to reach a verdict.

It found Di Stefano guilty of nine counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception, eight counts of fraud, three counts of acquiring criminal property, two counts of using a false instrument, one count of attempting to obtain a money transfer by deception, one count of obtaining property by deception and one count of using criminal property.

A 'nice guy'

During the trial, the court was told about Di Stefano's links with President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, and his "friendship" with the daughter of Slobodan Milosevic.

A BBC documentary from 2004 was also shown to the court, in which Di Stefano spoke of Iraqi leader and war criminal Saddam Hussein as a "nice guy".

During the film, he boasted of being asked to defend killers including Shipman, Jeremy Bamber, Kenneth Noye and Linda Calvey.

Edit : 04 Doc mentioned

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“I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.” Elisabeth Kubler Ross.

Time's winged chariot is hurrying near for both these men.

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question...if he wa the brains behind the murder, why is he in Zimababwe and not rotting in a Uk Jail, or taken out by the NSA?

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Hoogstraten was ahead of his time, scamming and leeching the unfortunate before it became fashionable. To the Wilsons and their ilk he is the new messiah.

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