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Sussex V Shale

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We really are doomed..


Brown’s less guarded private correspondence with some of his constituents reveals that he believes there are ‘economic benefits to be derived from oil and gas deposits’. Yes, but benefits for whom? The standard sales patter promises more jobs, etc. But once the well is dug there is little further call for local workers. Landowners who lease ground to energy companies will receive generous payouts, but those will pale in comparison with the value of extracted oil and gas. George Osborne has announced that companies should pay ‘at least £100,000’ to the communities in which they drill. That may sound generous; but in an area where house prices have increased in some cases by 500 per cent over 20 years, it is trifling.
The mad rise in prices is the result of a government-engineered debt bubble and stringent planning laws. And the government may reap what it sowed. Homeowners would be mad not to strive to ensure that their property maintains its value. As one resident put it, ‘I have worked hard all my life to buy the house that I now have and I risk losing a substantial part of its value if this proposal goes ahead.’


At root, though, this is about people’s money and quality of life. Principally, it’s about protecting equity in their houses. These are determined people who think that they have much more to lose than they can possibly gain from shale; after all, if you can afford to pay your energy bill now, your head won’t be turned by a having few quid taken off your monthly direct debit. All of this makes them a potent and voluble force.

Oh dear we really let the genie out of the bottle with these high house prices. Mind I don't know how much equity would be in these houses, if we had no energy, fuel and power.

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I mean, are they actually saying the payment would be less in a low house price area like the North?

The potential negative externalities may be the same, but because your house isnt worth half a million, youre not getting anything..

Thats the general jist, isnt it. Tory scum.

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