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£6M Football Syndicate Investment Scam

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City worker jailed after conning 140 people including his own mother out of £6m in football syndicate betting scam
Darren Thompson, 40, jailed for four years and eight months for fraud
Former city worker conned 138 people - including friends and co-workers
Used their 'investments' in his football syndicate to fund lavish lifestyle
Even produced fake graphs that indicated profits were soaring
Some victims forced to re-mortgage their homes after Thompson's scam

19 July 2013

A conman who convinced 138 people - including his own mother - to part with with a total of £6million in a football syndicate scam has been jailed.

Darren Thompson, 40, earned a six-figure salary as a chartered accountant in major city banks before setting up the 'guaranteed' syndicate, which saw him persuade his own and his wife's relatives, friends and co-workers to plough in hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Thompson, who even produced a glossy brochure of fake information that promised 'big returns', was jailed for four years and eight months at Canterbury Crown Court after admitting fraud by false representation.

....The former City worker earned £150,000 a year at banks including Barclays and Credit Suisse before establishing the European Football Growth Fund in 2004, the court heard.

....One 'investor' lost a massive £600,000, but the average loss was around £40,000 among more than 100 people - most of them friends he met while working in London - duped by Thompson.

In full http://www.dailymail...tting-scam.html

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