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Intriguing House Ad - Owners Hobby

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Probably into guns and has several gun cabinets in the house.

But aren't such cabinets supposed to be out of sight (i.e themselves installed within cupboard spaces or loft spaces, etc)? So I would guess not? After all IF people come to view then they would see straight away such a collection - and the owners burglary risk would likely go sky high with all the 'foot traffic' passing through his front door seeing it?

Nahhhh. I say far more fun to play with ones imagination and wonder just what the heck really is going on behind those closed doors and net curtains of suburbia.....

Sexual fetish dungeon?

Wall to wall shrine of Nazi memorabilia?

One can have a field day at just wondering......

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Dangerous gimmick surely? An invite to those who might think whatever is in there is expensive?

Or it could just be a naff collection - thousands of toys from the insides of Christmas crackers? Or walls plastered with crisp packets going back 60 years?

Just seems to me that it would make genuine house hunters avoid it but attract the nosey and the wrong kind of buyers.

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We viewed a house years ago that had many 'tasteful' nudes of the wife on display, and also some (pretty good) paintings of the same.She was a model in her youth apparently.

She was very much a looker, but for some reason I can't remember anything about the house at all......

Well, we've got a nice painting of the wife with her boobs out, but we've never sold a house, so it can't be us. I'm fairly sure you can see the picture from the street - I keep vaguely expecting complaints.

That aside, I'm intrigued by the possible hobby. I hope it's filthy.

Also, am I the only one who kept clicking on the screen shot and wondering who broke RM?

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