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Council Housing Queues

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Council house queue grows to 1.5m families

Across England, the number of households on the housing register has risen from 1,019,475 in 1997 to 1,548,083 - a 52 per cent jump - according to parliamentary answers to questions asked by the Liberal Democrats.

The South East and London, which suffer from a severe shortage of affordable housing, have experienced the largest increases, up by 77 per cent and 71 per cent respectively since 1997.




Council flats in London went for a snip under right to buy, but now leaseholders fear that it's 'payback time' as they face huge repair bills

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Living in social housing,

semi skimmed milk and a sky dish on the roof

where the news came through.

What can you do?

Tears from your moaning landlord,

crying 'cause he doesn't have a let without a scratch

for your deposit to go. But you know he'll get by

'cause he's milking the cash of the common people,

piles from the wallet of a working man.

BTL's gonna buy you a barn to cling to,

Gordons gonna give you just as much as he can

and he can.

It's a good thing you don't smoke roll ups,

it could fall on the carpet through your pocket and burn a small

hole in the ground, costing you pounds.

You got to walk into town to find a service job.

Tryin' to keep your pants warm

when the bully your school lets his friends in the queue'

and steals your O2 phone.

Now you'd better go home to have a moan,

'cause he's milking the cash of the common people,

stealing cash from the wallet of a family man.

crimes gonna buy you a song to sing to,

Alcohol industry gonna sell you as many drinks as they can

now they can.

Living in a BTL ain't easy

when you take in your fridge the carpet wont fit

and friends stay away.

You paint it inside, the landlord crys.

If all your pay goes on accomadation

or on beer, texts and stuff or on porn conversations

but don't forget to slave.

Keeps you in place, were you belong

'cause there dividing the mass of the common people,

making have and have nots under a new labour flag.

debts's gonna buy you a job to cling to,

Gordons gonna work you just as hard as he can

and he can.

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"At a time when more social housing tenants are being encouraged to buy their homes, the size of such bills presents an awkward reminder of the perils of home ownership. But, for the moment, leaseholders are not getting much sympathy. They are being told this is payback time for the generous discounts that were on offer under the right to buy"

They thought it was too good to be true. It was, but being an owner is not as good as they thought!

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