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Mark Carney Takes Over At The Bank Today

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3 things 'they' drilled into me during the 80s and 90s ...

"it's what is on the inside that matters"

"you can't take it with you when you die"

"finish everything that's on your plate"

So now I'm fat, middle aged, scruffy and broke.


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What is he buying with his salary.....that might be a clue. ;)

I'm guessing he won't be buying a house in London.

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ultimately he still only has one vote to cast.

merv voted for more QE however has been voted down 6-3 for the last 5 months in a row.

The votes are a sham, the result is agreed and decided in advance. Some members have voted in a certain way safe in the knowledge that they could not win the vote. I can;t find a link to back that up at the moment unfortunately. From memory Deanne Julius is on the record as saying something to that effect.

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New job in new office ?

Go straight to the bog for a massive dump and a quick ham shank.

That's what everyone else does first day at their new job - right ?


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I appreciate the BBC are a bunch of craven Statist lickspittles but comparing Carney to George Clooney highlights just how little objective criticism they're now capable of. What next? George Osbourne looks like Brad Pitt?

My link

Give me strength.

Looks a bit of a midget to me...


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