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'private' Council Houses?

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Five social landlords have been shortlisted to take over the running of Oswestry’s council homes, it was revealed today. But borough bosses have stressed that the future of their 2,000 council homes still lies in the hands of tenants.


Will this be a good move for the council and the tenants?

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Its never a good move. They get promised the earth to switch and then nowt happens.

Willow park in Wythenshaw was I tink the first bit of Manchester Housing sold off. They might still be waiting for the improvements promised.

North Manchester has just voted to go too - NOrthwwards I think its called.

Wonder who the paid members of the boards of these places are? They must do well from it.

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Definately NOT a good move. Central government meddling on behalf of big business.

Here in Leeds called ALMO's Arms Length Management Organisations. Tenants given Hobson's choice, either "accept privatisation and we will fix your houses, give you new windows and heating" or "say no and we won't repair and mantain your house anymore". A lot of dirty trick reported in Private Eye about this from all over the country.

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