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Affordable Building Land

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Apologies if this has been posted and discussed before.... but: Where I live in the rural South Lincs the county council has been tasked with identifying land that could be granted planning permission. Apart from areas earmarked for mega estates, they are looking to build an additional 9000 homes in small villages such as the one I live in.

This is a great idea, as I once lived on a mega estate, and the provision of schooling and road access to the wider area was dire - due to oversight by the so called 'planners'. Anyway, even in just our little village of 300 or so homes, it’s very surprising how many - some quite sizeable - plots of unused land there are within and adjoining the village. The majority are owned by the local hereditary landowner - who also owns and rents out many of the older properties in the area.

This got me thinking, what if the council were to make it a condition that some of the parcels of land had to be sold at way below the current price of building land – say 1995 values. The houses would then be built as affordable housing and sold at pre- HPI prices – the cost of the actual building (labour + materials) having gone up much less than HPI over the last 14 years or so. This could I imagine all be run by a ‘housing association’ or similar body set up to organise and administer such a scheme, the proviso being of course that the house could not be sold on the open market, it would have to be sold back to the ‘housing association’ for the original purchase price, plus inflation (HPI), plus any value added by the owner (extensions, conservatory etc). The carrot to the landowner would be that he would be allowed to sell some of his best plots – say 25% by area - to a developer at market price. The stick would have to be that if he didn’t sell the other plots cheaply, he would never get planning permission for any of them.

Following on from this, how about compulsory purchase of unused land to be developed as above for low(er) cost housing? What about all the unused land actually owned by councils and government departments such as the MoD? The effect of this if practiced widely enough would be to drive down the cost of housing, and promote a building boom in terms of jobs/activity. A pipe dream I know, the VI’s will never allow such a thing to happen in the Corruptocracy that is Britain today.

Can anyone add anything? I must have missed a few key points, as it seems a no-brainer as a solution to the pricing out of a whole swath of the population - but hey since when did TPTB take any interest in the wellbeing of any swaths of the populace except their friends in the city and FTSE 250 companies.

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