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Goodbye Granadaland - 15 June

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Why this constant consolidation of industries? Same in Cambridge. You would think with todays telecommunications you could run such a business from the outer hebrides. Its becoming like soviet cities all based around single industries.

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Manc's going all Dubai-like with Sport City and Media City. Expect the area around the unis to be renamed Knowledge City some time soon (if it hasn't already), while Wythenshawe will become Shameless City.

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Granada Studios sale falls through

12 Mar 2013 06:00

The £23m sale of the Granada Studios building in Manchester city centre has fallen through.


In 2011, up the road from Granada the BBC got somewhere around £10m for the 5.4 acre Oxford Road New Broadcasting site.

Although this source suggests they were struggling to get £10m before the QE, 0.5% 'it's not earning anything in the bank', FLS, 'make banks lend', reflation. > is on offer for £3.5m, having been reduced from £7.5m. <

The new owner has worked at some pace taking down the BBC building past 18 months or so.

And how much the BBC paying to have left boring Oxford Road for measly £10m, to flash BBC Media City? Where they don't even own the new site?

But the documents show that the relocation will cost at least £876 million and that an internal corporation budget analysis has warned that the final cost could be as much as £1 billion.

The leaked documents reveal that by 2039, £170 million will be spent on rent, a further £218 million on new TV studio services, and £15m on new radio and orchestra studios.

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