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"failure To Remove A Face Covering"

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Section 60 AA Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

Powers to require removal of disguises


Unusually, and interestingly perhaps because this dates back to 1994 when 'sensitivities' to such matters were not as highly attuned as they are today, there is no exemption for religious reasons. Islamic head coverings being the obvious one here.......

In any case an interesting legal power I have mixed feelings about, given the long track record of the police and courts to 'abuse' otherwise well intentioned legislation.

Consider, for example, a wholly peaceful public protest, march, gathering or such like on some political issue where a large number of people (even all of them, perhaps, as a 'theme') choose to wear satirical masks to ridicule politicians or other public figures that may be the target of their particular ire?

The law, as framed, clearly suggests that they would not be committing an offence. Yet, does anyone really believe none would be arrested in such a situation? Give the track record of the police in enforcing laws as originally intended?

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and KKK members

Possibly off-duty policemen? :o

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Reading this thread reminded me of this story from a few years back.

Protesters arrested for wearing Jack Straw masks.

My link

Mind you - to show such disrespect for a socialist man of the people really wasn't on.


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