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Glasto Glut:250 Hours Of Bbc Coverage By 300 Staff

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I'm going to this one and if I wasn't I would be watching it on TV. The TV coverage given to the festival is probably a bit over the top from the BBC, but the cost for producing it certainly isn't expensive. I'm guessing the viewing figures for the headline acts will more than justify the BBC's presence at the festival alone.

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Yep. It's cheap air time and TV, especially per capita, which is probably one reason why the BBC are doing it. Clever move. Won't be watching though as I don't have a TV.

You can always view it on catch up.....what's a few hours between friends. ;)

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Fine with me. Means I don't have to fork out £150 for a ticket, run the risk of catching diptheria in the toilets, and actually get to hear/see the bands (rather than have them blocked out by teenagers holding up their iphones and chatting).

We have blanket coverage of major sporting events and all the royal family nonsense - don't see why they can't cater to us music fans in the same way.


£2m seems like a bargain for the nation.

How much to put on this wall to wall Royal Wedding/Jubilee/Coronation cr4p?

£2m is probably just a fraction of David Dimbleby's pension pot.

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I don't like it,won't be watching it,but err.....I'll be paying for it.

The issue is really the 'ransom note' model of existence that the BBC pursues in the name of 'public interest'/'public service' TV.

Check out the salaries of BBC higher ups and tell me why people stacking shelves in supermarkets are working for 30 hours a year to pay their licence fee off.

Seriously, if it bothers you this much then exercise your freedom to choose to stop watching live broadcasts and stop paying the TV licence. No point in getting all worked up over a system you hate when you can easily walk away from it.

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This is great for people who love to celebrate mediocrity but don't like human excrement. The last few times I went I was working the car parks doing breakdowns. My tyres would grow in size with all the toilet paper and shit wrapped around them.

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