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Tax And The Ventriloquist

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Watching a recent interview with the head of Google as he explained that he could not be held responsible for the existing tax structure got me to thinking.

Suppose I were a ventriloquist and declared that since it was the dummy-not I- who was earning the money- his name was top of the bill not mine- I in fact make no profit and should therefore pay no tax.

I'm guessing this might not really work- besides the dummy would probably rat me out to avoid taking the rap. :ph34r:

But suppose I were a large corporation and employed an army of lobbyists to ensure that the tax rules were designed in my favour- then I could publicly declare that since it was the political dummies- not me- who set up that system- I could not be held responsible.

Now that might just work. :D

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At his trial for tax evasion Ken Dodd claimed the Diddy Men did it - and the jury let him off! So the dummy idea might well work.

HMRC haven't actually prosecuted many stand up performers since. Comedians tend to outperform the lawyers in court: if the jury laughs they acquit.

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