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Most Prolific Frauds - 2013

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Despite the rise of digital technology, the old-fashioned conman is still at large using simple psychology and plausibility to blag millions of pounds from victims.

The National Fraud Authority estimates fraud costs the UK more than £73 billion a year; but CIFAs, the UK's fraud prevention service, says: "the stark reality is that much fraud simply evades detection."Here are some of the most popular scams currently after your money.

Courier Fraud

This has claimed a reported 2,229 victims in two years, most of them elderly, and is the latest financial scam to be targeted by the Metropolitan police. One victim, it reports, lost £155,000.

Courier fraud involves fraudsters telephoning victims and claiming to be from an authority, such as the police, bank or serious Fraud Office. they say the victim's bank account has been compromised and their card must be collected by courier.

As most people would be suspicious and refuse to co-operate, the fraudster then instructs the victim to hang up and call the authority, supposedly to verify that the caller is genuine.

But when the victim dials the number, the fraudster does not disconnect. the victim thinks they are speaking to someone genuine, when in fact they are still speaking to the fraudster or a co-conspirator. Now the victim is hooked, believing the call to be genuine.

The fraudster then asks the victim to reveal their card's PIN, usually by typing it in on their keypad, and sends a courier to collect the card. Once the card and PIN are in the fraudster's hands, they can use them to raid the victim's bank account.

5 more plus How To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed

at http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/latest-scams-rip-offs-cons-155930637.html

(There's no mention of QE or stealing money from savers/taxpayers in the list, of course.)

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