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Unhealthy Obsession Betting On Next Footy Managers

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This year I have an unhealthy obsession on the next manager betting markets, I don't know why. Maybe I am

mentally ill.

The Everton manager market has become something of a joke, people have bet on Diego

Maradonna, Graeme Souness and even Glenn Hoddle. This prompted me to ask them to add

Stan Collymore and Ken Dodd to the betting. They didn't reply. Not sure which is the bigger joke.

I have done the following bets:

Everton - Martinez 5.0 & Solskjaer 32.0

Real Madrid - Benitez 24.0

Stoke - Neville 34.0 & Benitez 13.0

Anyone care to throw their hat in the ring?

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I went to the Museum of Liverpool last week, in the football section they have a letter from a fan applying for the job

as manager of Tranmere Rovers on display. He put his case forward for being the man for the job on 2 pages of A4.

They wrote back to him saying he was unsuccessful on this occasion etc...

Worth a visit if you have a moment of madness and book a weekend in the 'pool.

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I didn't know they'd turned Liverpool into a museum. Good idea.

They converted it from an old mental asylum.

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However looks like Ancelotti has it heavily odds on at Betfair with Rafa at 94-1.......got to have a small bet on Rafa or I will be kicking myself if he gets it.

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