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I looked into this, briefly, a couple of years ago, as was thinking of going up to work in the western isles.

I felt that the property prices had no link to local wages, and more to do with people from the home counties that had taken early retirement to weave tweed, make awful pottery or shortbread.

there is limited or no council housing.

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I've spoken to old school friends who maintain it's "cheap" (compared to the mainland! - and they are right in that respect), but it still looks pretty eye-watering to me - when there's no lack of space or resources.

Not sure the home-counties set could do a hard winter (or two) on some of the more remote islands!

Funnily enough, since I posted just last week I've seen a few things come down by 12% - so there is definite movement in a downwards trajectory - suits me!

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