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Glasgow Club Has Two-Way Mirror In Female Toilet

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Glaswegian nightclub, Shimmy, are under investigation for a dubious two-way mirror feature in a private room.

On a night out there are few things that faze us. We expect drunken shenanigans, outrageous photos and a group trip to the loo for reapplying our faces. What we don’t plan for or want for that matter is strangers ogling us from the other side of a two-way mirror in a comfy private room. Sounds shady doesn’t it? Not enough to stop Scotland’s Shimmy Club from installing one.

Grab your pitchforks and torches ladies as it’s about to get ugly. Or uglier if Shimmy has their way.

According to the Scottish Sunday Express they’ve seen some delightful pics of men posing in front of the mirror while the girls pose on the other side completely unaware. There are no signs or notifications forewarning of the voyeuristic mirror. Not that a sign saying ‘Stop duck facing you’re being watched’ would really put a stop to pouting and preening. We’re like budgies.

That being said it’s unlikely women want to be seen sorting their faces out when they think they have privacy. Tell them and it’s slightly more acceptable, it’s not like the mirrors are in the toilet cubicles, but don’t tell them and they get hissy. We’re talking sharpening of nails and swapping cosmetics for war paint. One clubber commented: “Nowhere is it made clear […] there are women bending over sinks, pouting into mirrors to redo their lipstick, adjusting themselves”

It begs the question why people – men (sorry guys but all the pics so far are of men enjoying the view) – want to know what women are doing in the bathroom. No woman has ever wanted to see what guys get up to in their loos, and if they have, what is wrong with you. A bunch of guys using urinals and comparing size is hardly enough to make women fancy paying nearly a grand to see it. Yet men are flashing the cash.

Shimmy Club tell potential clients that the private rooms are not available to males or mixed gender groups… Um, the cheeky snaps doing the rounds say otherwise. Tut tut. Feeling the lash of the media whip the club has addressed the issues on their Facebook page, stating that the mirror was “created as a bit of fun” and will be removed if personal feedback, not the media, demands so.

That’s all fine and dandy but the change might come too late as now the police are involved with backing of the city council. Maybe when the next smart **** gets a ‘fun’ idea for a public bathroom they should actually ask if people want it, or at the very least are okay with it. Let’s all just be grateful that our own toilets don’t have observers secretly watching us. We hope.


Hmm. Well, in Paisley they used to have a topless hairdressers.

Not sure how long this is going to last. Need to get me a trip down to the Royal Exchange before this goes bye bye!

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I love that little pout they do when applying the lippy.

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I love that little pout they do when applying the lippy.

You'd have a house by now if you didn't spend a grand a pop on things like that!

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