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Bbc - Calculate Your Inflation Rate

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So when it suits them the bbc goes along with the notion that the officially published inflation figures are true inflation but then clearly accept in the above link that the inflation figures are crazy underestimates of real inflation.

They're just rubbing it in.

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Carney, currently head of Canada's central bank, replaces Mervyn King at the helm of the Bank in July. He has a reputation for monetary activism and has previously said he wants Britain's recovery to achieve "escape velocity".

Man the lifeboats - if there's any left.

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No need to calculate it just accept it as gospel that it is 2.4%


Carney wants 'escape velocity'.



A false low inflation print officially gives him room for more QE, of course!

We know already that 'bad' economic numbers will result in more QE; so too the 'good' economic numbers.

Spend spend spend.

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What a load of ******.

Doesn't ask whether you have a car, how far you drive etc.


A couple of years ago the Government hiked VAT to 20%. Which includes the VAT on petrol. And even the VAT on the Fuel Duty on petrol. (Yes, that's right, a tax on a tax).

Luxury goods may even go down in price, but all the basics (food, water, gas, petrol, electricity, other essential utilities) have gone up by far more than the RPI or CPI over the past decade.

In the USA they are using something called 'hedonics' to massage the inflation figures. I expect the UK Gubmint to start using the same trick deceit soon.

If the BBC calculator comes out with an annual inflation figure in single figures for anyone on an average income, I would take it as a sure sign that the calculator is useless.

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