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Blatant Ea Lying

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It's a photo of bedroom 2.

It's defo bedroom one. You can tell by the position of the window and the fitted wardrobes in the floor plan. The headboard of the bed is adjacent to the kitchen on the other side. The OP is right, it makes zero sense. The chair is jammed up to the bed end, and the desk looks max 2 ft deep.

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You can't even be sure the bed is against the wall.

Reckon it is Dr. Watson, the window in the floor plan is at the end of the room and you can see it in the pic. So the bed doesn't have a lot of room left to be pulled forward.

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I also think its the main bedroom as seen in picture 2.

However, this came up on my search the other day

My link

These haven't been built yet , if you look at the 'pictures' this house looks very spacious. Then take a look at the floor plan and the actual room sizes and it makes a mockery of the images they are using, to my mind.

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1368897802[/url]' post='909324771']


Look at picture 5, and then the floorplan.

There is no way there's 7 feet between the end of the bed and the wall.

How do they get away with it?

Between a third and half a million £ for an attic in Brixton!!!! That's the elephant in the room!

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