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Why Hedge Funds’ Criticism Of The Fed May Be Right

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The economics world has been having a lot of fun with hedge fund managers.

After several such managers at a recent conference denounced the aggressive money-printing policies of Ben S. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, the economic blogosphere rose up to mock them.

Many hedge fund managers have been predicting that high inflation and fleeing creditors would send interest rates skyrocketing. Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Singer, J. Kyle Bass and David Einhorn — all big names in the investing world — have warned against the supposedly runaway central banker. Mr. Druckenmiller said that Mr. Bernanke was “running the most inappropriate monetary policy in history.”

People fearing there megabuck salaries might be under threat?

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The rich just want to hold all the money and extract rent in the form of interest from the 99%.

Low interest rates and (QE+defict spendind) pushes money into the economy so that the 99% can pay their debts and stop the banks going under.

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