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Digital Village Pro Audio Retailer In Administration

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OK these are not the biggest company to go bust in the UK but how many of these still pretty large businesses are going under. Good prices from these guys but they would sometimes send very delicate microphones in a document bag with no paddign other than the box and I always wondered how they kept so may shops open in the days of the internet.

The margin on some of the cheaper stuff is very small - a few pounds on something that costs £100-200 with the likely hood of may returns due to:

a. very cheaply made gear with a high manufacturers defect rate


b. people returning stuff under distance selling rules (they also have a big website) because they change their mind or more likely don't know how to use it or think its faulty because they dont know how to use it.

I imagine lots of inane calls regarding how things work or why wont they work.

Note how they suggest UK suppliers will be hit with supplies being fuilfileld from the continent. They must have been hit hard by sites such as Thomman.de

Edited to add a couple of lines and fix appaling grammar and spelling.

Edited again to fix typo in edit description!

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the website, says its not in Administration anymore...yes all branches bar one is closed.

I wonder on what bassist they are trading

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Business is probably just not their piano-forte.

I think this is a major story rather than a minor one.

Pre-pack administrations are dissonant and inharmonious.

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This thread has gone a bit flat.....

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Not surprised.

Appalling company.

I managed to stop the Goons in the Barnet branch selling my mate a totally unsuitable ex demo powered speaker.

I wouldn't buy even plectrums there.

That said, its a difficult market, especially the home recording stuff.

PC/Mac development is not in step with peripherals. Its a bloody nightmare.

There's an industry in a right mess if ever i saw one.

Oh and they did a prepack and stiffed all their staff and suppliers.

Don't shop at the new Digital Village.

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