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Ive not frequented this forum for many many months, if not years...! I think years! I check-in now and again.

I used to religiously read every post word for word. It saved me many years ago from spunking all my hard-earned on a shoe-box that would have caused me untold financial damage. In hindsight I would have been stuck with it and never been able to pass it on; knowing now I would have wanted to move out!

This forum got me interested in the stock-market and wider economy! - Investing; boringly enough is now my main hobby (Party-animal you're thinking :D I know)


My current situation: I saved up like an absolute ******* over the past few years and bought a place outright! I'm really happy here (just over 1 year now). Having bought it outright I'm can safely sustain any market dips, slumps or crashes.

It was hard! - I had to live at home until I was 31 to save the money, but it was ok.


In short this forum saved me so much stress, worry and financial losses and I really thank it for that!

Even though I don't come on here anymore I still monitor the Housing Market via local listings in Rightmove. I still monitor the market because its a constant wonder to me wether I bought too soon etc!


I see many of the original posters have gone! have they just got bored of the forum? Did they find and buy a place like me? Did they make that move to Australia that everyone keeps going on about to get away from the immigrants and chavs?


Are most of you on here still adamant that there will be a massive HPC? During the Financial meltdown I was convinced 'THIS IS IT'... Yeah! it helped me buy a place for good value but it was by no means the crash I was hoping for!

Baring any Europe wide meltdown, the UK seems to be bumbling along nicely... Lloyds and Barclays seem to be coming back in to profit based on recent results!


I can see the housing Market continue on a slow trajectory downwards for a good number of years! but can you wait that long to make it finically profitable too wait? I'm in that camp at the moment.. the more I look at house prices the more I'm convinced I bought at an OK time! Since moving in to my place, only 1 property has come up on rightmove that Ive thought would have been worth waiting for!


A couple I know have been renting for years as they wanted to move in together. They're now stuck renting as they can't save a big enough deposit to make buying a house financially safe. They look at my situation and wish they'd saved more before moving out! (They could afford a mortgage BTW it would just be for a place on the wrong side of the tracks should we say) they have now resigned themselves to be renting for the forceable future, if not forever! Its not a worry to them, I'm more interest in their predicament than they are! Are you in that situation or similar? I see some old faces on here that I recognise... I just can't imagine still pondering over each new post like I did in the past! Some of you on here deserve a medal for time-served!


Bit of a ramble I know! I just haven't been regular here in a while... reading some of the posts from new members seems like deja vu! Same old arguments and opinions being quoted, like they have haven't already been discussed to death! So I figured i'd put down some of my thoughts and questions.... pity it turned in to such a ramble of crap!


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It's so hard to know what's coming with the economy being controlled by planners at the BOE. Things are similar to the Soviet Union or China under Mao. BOE planners control all investments in this country. Back in 2007 I was convinced there was going to be a huge crash, followed by a deep recession lasting until about 2010 or 2011. But I did not foresee the BOE forcing interest rates to 0.5% and printing massive amounts of money. How could I? So instead of a recession we are in a depression that will not end until the BOE stop their insanity. The question is how long are the BOE going to keep it up?

It's not really possible to know. They still have not even admitted they have been wrong, yet. Their solution to the problems they created is to keep taking the actions that created the problems. They're really not very bright. I don't see them stopping any time soon, so the depression will continue for many years yet. Despite the Bank of England's abject stupidity the correction is inevitable. Interest rates will eventually rise and when they do all the people suckered into buying houses based on 'affordability' will lose a fortune.

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I am still here, although I have changed my name a few times and have evolved.

I bought a FTB house in 2011 after training myself like Rambo doing press ups each day #cue Eye of the Tiger# in a no-light cell*, for 7 years ready for the day, my day to come. What film was that by the way?

What next? WORLD DOMINATION. No only joking. A quiet life will do.

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Like a lot of people I still lurk here but post relatively infrequently. I have little to say that hasn't been said before, though I do still skim the thread titles and engross myself in anything new or interesting.

I'm still certain there will be a massive crash, and that certainty grows every day. Sadly, an isolated house price crash is no longer possible, so when it comes it will take the whole economy, the banks, the currency, and god knows what else with it. It's unavoidable, and everything that is being done now to keep house prices elevated will only make things worse. What I cannot be sure of is when this will happen. Arguably we could, like Japan, still be in this situation in 20 years time, but I don't think so; our trajectory is much more steep; I think it will happen within 10, but am quite prepared to be wrong on that.

Where are we now? It feels like 2007 all over again to me. I can see the threads starting to unravel, but I think this will be met with another co-ordinated global response that will stave off the imminent collapse, keep the plates spinning for a little longer, and increase the severity of the inevitable outcome a few years down the line.

Investment wise, be it houses or any other asset, I think we all need to be prepared to lose huge amounts of financial value. Therefore the only things you can sensibly invest in are your quality of life and your future potential. For me, that means enjoying life to the full, and trying to build my skills and business whilst remaining debt free, so that I am able to make the most of whatever opportunities exist on the other side of the inevitable.

Once I started thinking like that, life becomes a lot less complicated, and a lot more enjoyable.

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