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We have privately rented for about 8 years now. We have 4 children, both of us work. We have been on the social housing list for 5 years but due to our requirement we do not have much chance of getting a council property. My problem is this. Our children (4, 6, 13 and 14) have had to move schools 3 times now and each time we have had to move we have had to borrow a deposit. We recently downsized to a 3 bedroom house as we couldnt afford the 4 we were in previously. Our rent is now 1150 per month.

We have a years tenancy but the landlord has just advised me he will be looking to terminate the tenancy as he now needs to come back to the property earlier than he thought. I am on fairly good terms with him and I have spoken to the council who have said the only way I can get a soical property is by him evicitng us. Now, I dont really want to go down this route but if it means we have stability then it may be worth exploring. Fact is, we cant affor a deposit to move out, we cant afford a 4 bed we so desperately need.

Will this cost the landlord money id he proceeds with an eviction? are we likely to be split up as a family if we get emergency housing?

Hope someone can advise or help!

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It's a moral choice, you and your family have to live with your choice, no one else does, do what you need to do. If you took all morality out of it, the decision is simple.

Agreed. One thing i've learnt is that you can't beat the system but you can play the system. Sadly, you don't win any prizes for doing the right thing nonwadays. Best of luck to you all.

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Do you have a year long AST? If so is there a break clause in it?

Other than that as the landlord wants to move back in, i assume he is looking to issue a section 8 notice rather than section 21, this being the case does your tenancy agreement specifically mention he may wish to retake possesion in order to move back in?

Depending on the answers to this hopefully we may be able to help further

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