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My Right To Refuse Access For Refurbishment During My Notice Period

space hopper

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Good thread, although a shame to read what 13 years of good tenancy can be rewarded with. Sounds like the LL is a complete idiot, and running his BTL business on a shoestring. 13 years out of a microwave must be deemed sufficient under general wear and tear provisions. 13 years and he's sh*tting it over a void of a couple of weeks. Some people are born to fail.

I viewed a house where the agent said that all the appliances were being provided on a 'goodwill' basis only. It meant I'd be expected to replace any clapped out white goods that failed during the tenancy. No thanks. He might as well have held up a giant sign saying "This LL is a total miser and will try and screw you at any and every turn!".

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