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Commentary On Recent Market Moves

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Ignore the Hype in Both Directions

Bulls blame every drop on manipulation and frequently tout preposterous price targets. Bears cite jewelry demand and other nonsense as if it's important (and it isn't).

It is best to ignore the hype and silliness on both sides.

Fundamentally, what has changed? I suggest nothing.


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I'm a bull, and don't hold with any of the manipulation or conspiracy nonsense.....I have an incurable case of common sense, sorry.

As the large institutions own and trade most of the worlds gold, it is what they do that influences the price of gold.

The likes of me and other small holders buying and selling, has a near zero effect in the bigger game.

What has not changed in many peoples heads, is the realisation that a lot of sales trigger a down slide in prices, as per the laws of supply and demand.

Add to that the margin calls on metals exchanges, add to that the liquidity crisis many financial houses are experiencing, add to that any stop losses in place, then you can get a feel for what just happened.

That still leaves the unanswered question to why it has been a long bear market in gold, since September 2011.

A question I still haven't found a satisfactory answer for.


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