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One in five people put off buying tulips in the hope that prices would fall, but nearly three-quarters said costs actually increased while they waited, research has shown. The average price of a tulip in August rose by 87% to £189,852,000. The independant report stated that Tulips are great value at the moment and now is an ideal time to pick up a bargain. The report also said that people who did not get on the housing ladder ran the risk of being classified as social lepers and scum. They also had a much higher risk of contracting cancer and heart disease.

The Alliance and Leicester have won this weeks 'Green Award For Recycling'. A spokesman for the Alliance said "I cannot believe how many times we have recycled this rubbish and yet people are still buying it."

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Indeed, very well placed story across many outlets :- The £34,000 cost of putting off buying a house

Good piece of spinning, combines all those "you've missed the boat" themes, and "there's no point in waiting, prices only ever go up", it's the media self-reinforcing the same message heard from parents and friends "rent is dead money, you're ALWAYS best to buy", it's vague sentiment without realising just how unaffordable things are, articles like this give some faux statistics that prop up those sentiments, something they can put under the noses of their family so they can prove "I was right all along, look at our house dear, it has doubled in a few years, that's why you should get into property, look!", the obvious contradictions are lost of them of course.

It's like observing a train race up a hill only to run out of puff before it can clear the top, now the great hulk of steel and hot air is plummetting backwards down the hill under the weight of its own excess, then somebody taps you on your shoulder and says "you really should get on the train now dear, before it's too late!"

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