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Letting Agent Wants Me To Sign A 6 Month Fixed Term Lease So Landlord Can Remortgage

The Masked Tulip

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I don't see what you lose in signing a 3 month tenancy. No way you'll be buying a place and moving in within that time.

Hm, I don't really get it. Why would the bank care about 3 months, you're already committed for 1 to 2 months due to having to give a whole months notice before the end date with the rolling month.

It's a bit cheeky for them to say there is no fee for the contract as if they're doing you a favour, it is of no benefit to anyone but the landlord that you sign this, you are doing them a favour. If it was me I wouldn't do it, you've got your rolling month which is flexible and suits you, why sign up for anything else?

It would make me suspicious as to what was about to happen in the neighbourhood or at the property that they don't want you to immediately leave beause of.

I'm not sure I buy the bank claim now theyre saying 3 months is fine.

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