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I might suggest that houses are not really selling at the moment.

I live in Angus and nothing is moving.

Some houses on the market for years!

New builds go appear popular- but these seem to be selling a premium/m2 to older homes - higher £/m2 than even big old money homes.

If you are looking to buy - and can find someone who actually wants to sell - you'll get the place for a post-HPC price if you like.

Asking prices and o/o prices are in fairytale land.

As with most things there is a regional component. The market is active in Aberdeen, with numerous properties going for about 15% above valuation.

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As with most things there is a regional component. The market is active in Aberdeen, with numerous properties going for about 15% above valuation.

I live in Angus and work in Aberdeen.

Lots of Aberdeen colleagues have bought recently - sort of 28-35 age group.

They seem to me to be paying 6x earnings for their places and have been bidding above Valuation or have lost out despite bidding above.

Mentality is one that house prices always go up and it is cheaper than renting.

Personally, I don't see how prices can go up any further and all the houses being built around Aberdeen could bring a glut of houses onto the market.

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Noticed that Registers of Scotland produce quarterly house price and house sales statistics. They also add comments talking up the 'best aspects' of their figures, trying to drum up new work maybe.

E.g. in May's release Mr Crawford talked about a 5% increase in sales Jan - Mar 13 compared to 2012, yet fails to mention a 28.3% drop since the last quarter (Oct - Dec).

So they give biased commentary to talk up a market running at around 56% of peek/ overheated market and talk of that previous market as "healthy (July 12)", beggars belief.

An annual rise of around 3.3% is hardly impacting upon the 44% fall.

I asked Mr Salmond to comment on 5th May, received an auto-response from his constituency address but not a word since, no idea if he has even read my query, or cares.

So if you can't trust the Civil Service to be impartial, can't trust the MSPs/ 1st Minister, can't trust the banking system....what lessons have been learned, will bust turn to boom turn to bust? Would you take the risk?

Don't believe market has bottomed out, negative equity traps people, banks are sitting on bad debts and afraid to repossess/ why do it if you can't sell it, house price deflation, Gov policies stoking new build bubble freezing 1st time buyers of older properties and further stagnating the resale market.

Green shoots....or mould?

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A house we were idly watching in St Andrews has just sold for 1/2 a million, a very near neighbour sold at 350K less than 6 months ago. We were convinced this latest one was well overpriced kiteflying and I was astonished to see it marked as sold. These are the kind of places top university profs would live in with their families but even so.

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