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Boiler Broken.


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Don't know the legal position with landlords, but from a service perspective look at 48 - 72 hours depending on availabilty of parts. While most service level agreements will get you an engineer next day, unless the boiler is recent utilities generally don't carry exhaustive spares.

If it is something straightforward like the pump or motorized valves shouldn't be an issue though.

British Gas took 3 days to fix our 4 YO boiler when it failed last winter.

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I don't think that there is a set time period. At the end of the day, what is "reasonable" is what a court decides is reasonable.

If the LL gets an engineer round the next day to look at it, and they can't fix it. So, they get another one in the next day, and they wait 5 days for parts, and don't fix it. And so on... Even if it takes a month, then arguably, the LL has done all reasonably possible to ensure a prompt repair (and if you were an owner occupier, would have been in exactly the same position).

However, the LL does have a duty to ensure that the property is habitable - i.e. appropriately heated. So, would be expected to supply electrical heaters, etc. to ensure that the property can be heated appropriately.

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