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Bad Weather Prompts Maryland, U. S. To Introduce Rain Tax

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the state has required its 10 largest counties -- Montgomery, Prince George's, Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Hartford, Charles, Frederick, Baltimore counties and Baltimore city -- to raise the revenue. Rain taxes are to take effect in these areas by July 1.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the duty itself is the manner in which property owners' obligations will be calculated: According to the Gazette, "satellite imagery and geographic information systems" will be used to measure the area of roofs and driveways.

Homeowners will bear the brunt of the rain tax: of the $14.8 billion to be raised -- $482 million each year until 2025 -- about three-quarters will come from residential property owners.


Let's hope that this lot over here don't get any ideas.

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I get a discount on my water rates for having soakaways, instead of letting the rain the water rush into the drainage system, so we do have something similar here.

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Wales is fecked then.

Probably not. Apart from limited areas of South Wales, you don't have the problem of massive overpopulation that makes drainage a serious and unnatural problem in much of England.

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