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I made some hot cross buns the other week only to find to my horror I didn't have a piping bag/set in my kitchen possession.

So, what does the hive mind here recommend (please post links if possible) - I see there are cotton ones :unsure: erm, normal ones, and silicone ones.

Shopping results appear to bring stuff in the 5-10 quid region, would happily go up to around 20-30 though if that means less hassle with use (not that spending more always equals less effort in the kitchen though as I well know).



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I use disposables because some of the bags go a bit mouldy if you don't wash and dry them carefully


got good ratings on amazon


A daft question but I assume you have to have a nozzle set too? :blink:

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Square of greaseproof paper about 1 foot square

Fold neatly in 4. Cut tip off with scissors.

Open up the first pocket and put icing in.

Anyway icing on hot cross buns is for poofs. It should be strips of pastry glued on with a dab of milk [edit: before baking].

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Greaseproof paper or disposable ones as the expensive ones will just rot. Learning how to make your own from greaseproof paper has a certain kudos if you are amongst competitive yummy mummies - of course, it could mean making enemies for life.

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