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Culpability Brown

No Way Out For The Fed (or The Treasury & Boe)

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Now where did you first hear about this?

From the Times? From EAs? From the BoE? From HPC?

Im sure those few words will be said a few more times in the months ahead. ;)

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Now where did you first hear about this?

From the Times? From EAs? From the BoE? From HPC?

August 17 2005

From post No28 on this following thread


Its all a con while we think politician have low trstworthyness, yet we assume there incompetent corrupt behavious is only constricted to part of thier life that dont touch on the things we hold dear to like our self government. They are power brokers and they serve the powerfull. If this bubble was not wantted then rates would not have got belo 4 % previously....so we can assume it has been engineered and they did this to give cridibility to the confidence trick that is our authorites are best serving the intrests of all.

Now they need a scapegoat to divert attention from the ramifications of calculated (IMH View) bad policy. Now oil will become the ccover for higher rate rises when they come they can say we tried to control it by lowering but crazy things happened in the world and oil went through the roof and our hands were tied.

And later developed on September 2 2005

From post No17 of the following thread:


I suspect it will stay put till november by which time oil will be really high and petrol, and it will be the cover for rate rises which will be scapegoated for a terrible terrible xmass shopping.

Or if xmass is not trible but still poor, then base rate may be held till spring or even lowered another quater for good feel around xmass.

In this second senario the spring 06 housing bounce will be seriously -ve, so to provide a scapegoat for that rate will be raised in sring. The rational will be that by that time oil and petrol we be higher still than xmass and US rates should be around 4.0 or 4.25.

Though now Irania oil bourse / nuclear fuelled military "strikes" will provide a fitting back drop in spring / summer 2006 (The credit for these thoughts is not mine but others, Private fraser and other come to mind but i dont recall the other names).

And as I have your attention DrBubb can I reiterate an unanswerd question I put to You on September 30 2005:

From post No12 on the following thread:


Are you concerned that while you have proven methods so you can navigate the fluctuations and corrections with skill. Some other's taking PM poistions may not be so well equipied and infact may percieve them-selfs to be buying a "well timed sure thing long term investment."

How will the unskilled cope if thier entry proves loss making if they enter ahead of the correction you alluded to.

Do you think the wider market can evade the macro economic ressesionary sentiment when it heats up?

I know Gold stocks have had contary rises in the past, but not allways. Long positions in PM stocks taken at current prices may be losses if PM stocks take part in the wider stock bear market.

Many thanks If you missed this before.


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