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Email Address Used For Spam


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Whatever happened to the "spam" for ***** enlargement pills? Usually from an address in China!

Now if they had a Jamaican address, I might have bought some! :blink::lol:

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Yes, it is trivial to "spoof" anyone's email address without any evidence in Sent Items. There are robots that crawl websites harvesting email addresses, unscrupulous websites that pass on email subscription lists or just poor security on the part of the website and they are compromised.

For a small fee you can join an anti-spam blacklist, you send them the dubious email, they trace the sender and attempt to have them blacklisted by their IP address

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The spammers are getting sophisticated.

I've been receiving spam emails from local authority (.gov) email addresses recently. I spoke to the IT department of one authority and they said that they would need to investigate fully. Needless to say, they did not get back to me.

There is a scam going round purporting to come from various LA's. Can't remember which one, but I forwarded it to their legal dept. and they were appreciative.

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My understanding is that if Mrs Fafa's email account name is in the from: field of a spam email, but there is no spam in her sent box, then her account hasn't been compromised, it has just been harvested by spam software. She doesn't need to panic

Is that correct?

It depends on whether it was sent from one of her devices (phone, PC) which has been compromised. If it was, the sent email won't necessarily appear in "Sent Items" because it may have bypassed the mail program.

If the spam is being sent to her contacts then something has been compromised along the line. She should certainly change her password.

This is good advice. There have been several instances of malware which harvests your contact emails, and sends them some spam/an invitation to install a further piece of malware or trojan, and I think some of them are beginning to show on mobile devices now as well.

As has been said, spoofing email addresses (pretending to be someone else) is extremely easy to do and there's nothing you can do to stop anyone doing that to you. However most modern anti-spam filters catch much of this because they are able to detect not that it was spoofed but may well have been by examining the email to see where it really came from (reverse DNS lookup, blacklists).

If more than one of the contacts asked why they received the same spam from Mrs. Fafa's account this might well point to a compromise because it indicates not just spoofing but harvesting of contacts so changing passwords is wise.

If it's a PC it's also worth running a utility to check for malware now and again anyway - quite a few good free ones, LavaSoft 'Adaware' used to be pretty effective, others might have further suggestions.

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