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Living abroad at the moment and having great difficulty getting advice on benefits so hoping some of you can help me out.

Daughter and young grandson getting out of a bad relationship and want to return to Uk. She'll be unemployed for a while so will be reliant on benefits for a time. Looking for a place for them to rent but that seems to be difficult for a number of reasons.Struck me that in these circumstances I could gift her the money to put down on a shared ownership (security of tenure etc) but would HB still be payable to her for the rental portion?

Thanks for any advice.

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One thing to bare in mind: is "security of tenure" really a positive whilst looking for a job? What if she finds the ideal job 100 miles away?

Good thought but where we have in mind will be good for support from friends and family for child minding etc, so the ideal job will have to wait until the kid has grown up some.

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