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New Posters - Beware Of The Censorship On This Site

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If, like me, you have lurked around reading the posts & threads you will get the impression that everyone is pessamistic - pretty much.

Yesterday, someone tried to put the opposite side of an agrgument on BTL (Buy to Let)

She was declared "A Troll" and from then on - unable to post.

She tried to post today as a different person - to ask why she was not allowed to post - that person was then banned.

The thread was then removed/relegated to the "Off Topic" thread.

If you do intend to post, which I stronlgly advise against, do not under any circumstances say anything other than - we are all doomed, prices will drop 95% - rents will fall to £5 per week.

These are (apparently) the only posts which are allowed.

Oh Yes, and abusive posts calling people names - you can do that - as long as you are a bear.

AND - be prepared for everyone to accuse you of lying, being someone else etc.

JUST Think - who benefits from this site? who receives the advertising revenue?

They can't rename it " House prices might not rise as quickly" now can they???

Oh - and I will most probably be banned for posting this.


Ahh don't cry.

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