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Retailer Woe Could Prompt Early Christmas Sales

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I've been thinking about this recently and I would not be surprised if this seasons sales figures were actually pretty good :blink:

I think the slowdown in consumer spending, and the realisation by individuals as to the extent of thier own personal debt, began around the middle of this year. I think many people began to cut back around that time, and tried to pay off some of their credit cards .....

After all, we know that many people in this country have gotten used to living beyond their means by using their credit card each month, the various headlines and data this year has made many wake up to just how much debt they have! *If* (as I am guessing) they have spent the last 6 months reducing their debt a little bit, it wouldn't surprise me if they justify splashing out a Christmas time becasue they have 'been good' for several months now.

I've done this myself is this past, spent most of the year living very frugally to pay off a loan or debt, and then 'rewarded' myself by treating myself at Christmas time :D

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