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Brian May Buys 150 Acres In Dorset

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dorset echo

Brian may buys 150 acres of agricultural land for children and grand children of future generations to enjoy.But not to live on.

This just popped up on BBC south, the part that got my interest was when the newsreader said that the land was being mooted for a possible housing development.

Needless to say, the only folks that were at the village hall to talk about the purchase and what it meant for the locals were of the old and grey variety.Their faces lit up with joy on finding out the agri land would become a home for badgers and any other wildlife that may come to reside there.

No mention of the extreme shortage of housing stock, low levels of building, or prohibitvely expensive housing for younger ftbs.

One old dear said she had never heard of him, but loves him :lol: (now theres a nice view preserved and somewhere to walk the dog no doubt.)

Just goes to show that affordable housing is way down on the list of priorites for a lot of people now, more interested in where the crested newts are going to live

“We have a wonderful possibility to make an environment which our children and grandchildren will grow up and enjoy as human beings in harmony with animals around them.

Not if they are all priced out of the region mr.May.

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Lots of young people need that land now. For growing food. I sincerely hopes he will let young people use the agricultural land to feed themselves. That said though. They can ill afford to pay rent and the land is in effect an investment to him and will yield CAP payments. He will be paid agricultural subsidy, even if he does not got food. Meanwhile, unemployed youths can go to food banks.

With 20% youth unemployment, many are forced onto the dole, and what with sanctions, many are forced to go to food banks. If used as allotments, young people could supplement their dole (which has been cut, along with council tax benefit and housing benefit).

Young British people are effectively banned from growing food to feed themselves. They are also denied a plot of land on which to construct a house, or even pitch a tent.

Buying British wouldn't help these people either. Because all the profits get transferred to a small class of landowners.

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Amazing. The only people to enjoy the woodland will be the old locals who bought years ago, and the rich second home owners who work in London and pop down for the week end. The young locals will not be able to afford to buy or rent anything and will need to move away. Still it will keep property price up and sadly will probably encourage more people to buy second homes there and force the prices up even further.

Yes you are right, I suppose that now there is no possibllity of any new homes or affordable housing being built with no prospect of any entitled youths daring to dream of habitation near the towns they work in or grew up, in there will be homeowner joy as prices surge! :lol:

Though what will happen in 20/30 years when these people need care? I suppose there will be young people living somewhere in the south. probably work camps or some shanty towns.

At least the badgers will be alright though.

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He's got a PhD in astrophysics and was part of the 2nd greatest rock band ever. I forgive him for being a boomer, and he may keep his acres.

I dont really begrudge, he may be a boomer and a member of the 2nd greatest rock band, but hes being pretty selfless with his hard earned.And it is going towards a cause.

Its just the reactions of the nimbys in bere regis that grate. Brain may has his heart in the right place.

Though that song he did with dappy from N-dubz does leave a minor question mark over his judgement. :D

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