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It is ridiculously cheap and according to many deeply underrated.

I know it's a massive gamble, but I am seriously tempted to throw some of my savings into it.

Baird sell one ounce for 918.75+ vat:


i asked similar questions a few years back: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=96463

i now have bought some baird bars last year

rhodium is a gamble pure and simple, but at these lows, its a gamble i'm prepared to take

i bought palladium in 2009 and it has outperformed both gold and silver

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Not sure if anyone visits this part of the site anymore but I thought this thread was worth resurrecting considering the recent price rise in Rhodium.

I bought some last year, simply because the price was very low. Since then it has almost doubled in price and has really shot up over the last month.

Has anyone here any idea why this is now happening? Dare I dream of the $10,000/oz of mid 2008?


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I note that Rhodium is now worth over 2000 usd per ounce and still rising as per Baird & Co website. Might be worth a punt... I see that Palladium is ridiculously high relative to Platinum and Gold. Anyone got any knowledge explaining these price moves?

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What I like about Rhodium is how rare it is. Around 25 tonnes a year is mined mostly from South Africa. It is around 100 times rarer than gold. Less than 800 thousand people could each buy a 1 ounce bar every year. That would be without any Rhodium being used in industrial or auto applications. It is only relatively recently Rhodium became available to purchase in bar / coin form.

The Johnson Matthey website has some good detailed Rhodium information in their free pgm market report for May 2018 on their website.


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Thought I would revisit this thread since Rhodium continues to rise steadily and I remain very enthusiastic about this metal, I believe it will continue to go up this year... there just isn't enough of it and price is being largely driven by new emission rules in China.

Mainstream investment media is starting to cotton on now (very slowly). Even with the VAT applicable to bars and coins it's still possible to make a return at this rate of price appreciation, and I wouldn't touch Kitco pool accounts (Kitco has a history of financial woes) nor ETFs / derivatives with a barge pole, as if you don't hold it you don't own it IMHO.

Can buy really small 1/10oz bars at Baird and Co now as well:


They even have a Tuvalu coin with only 1000 mintage, the first of it's kind in the world... am very tempted but slightly skint after christmas. Baird buy back as well (dunno what percentage, have to ring them) and they usually sell well on ebay as I occasionally check there too, giving you an exit


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1 ounce of Rhodium at Baird's now almost £2450.00 without VAT. Was looking to buy a Tuvalu coin if it dropped back below 2K. 1 ounce Baird bar is slightly more expensive than the 1 ounce Tuvalu coin at present.

Media saying possible miner strikes in South Africa,  mine closures, electricity supply issues could impact both gold and platinum group mines.

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